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smoochin zombie bfs

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Anonymous said:
how in god's name do you CELL SHADE I mean look it at it! it's super inspiring. You got any references/inspirations/advice?????

I don’t really consider myself good at cell shading because I can be super lazy and messy with my colouring and I’m still learning a lot so I’m probably not the best person to ask but i’ll try to help lol

for a tip I guess one thing I always think looks nice is to use opposite colour tones for the base colouring and shading. So if you do warm colours for the base, make a layer over it on multiply and use cool tones for the shading.
As for inspo I like looking at animation colour work.  If you check out the gobelins films from this year those are really great and inspiring
sorry if that didn’t help.. I wasn’t really sure how to approach this
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oh wooow thank you for providing us with a fix of isabela and femhawke drawings they are so rare but so important, thank you

yeeahh!!! I’m always happy to draw my faves and knowing other people love them as well just inspires me to keep drawing them :)

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this show emotionally destroyed me

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oh cass

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hi i was wondering if i could use that pic you drew of isabela and hawke as sidebar image? you'd get credited, of course

of course! go for it

 thanks for askin :)

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emmkid said:
sigh your art is lovely and I hope to be as good as you some day xoxo

thank you that really means a lot! and you definitely will be keep at it!!

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wanted to draw a pretty morrigan u//u

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would you ever take commissions?

I guess if enough people were interested, sure :o

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Oh my lord I'm obsessed w/ ur art it's awesome af xx

thanks!! you’re awesome BD